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魔兽制作总监采访:聚焦典狱长 阿尔萨斯非影国主角

魔兽世界 NGA : 折断的竹光 2020-02-24 15:02:11
本文来源于NGACN,作者:折断的竹光;原文地址:【点我查看】转载请注明出处! Q:[Can] The Black Empire is a huge part of the Warcraft universe, and especially lore geeks like us were looking forward to seeing it in all of its glory for years. Are you worried that you might be wrapping this particular story thread a bit too quickly in just a patch, or can we look forward to more in the future? Q:黑暗帝国是魔兽世界的重要篇章,尤其对我们这样的剧情挖掘者而言,长久以来都期待见证它的鼎盛时期。你是否会担心在仅仅一个补丁里把这段特别的故事打包进去有点太快了?我们能够期待未来会有更多的内容吗? A:You never know where we’re going to end up going in the future. There is a chance we can revisit the Black Empire in more depth. We don’t have any plans to make it today. But I think if you look back at World of Warcraft’s history and lore, any content update we do tends to be pretty heavy. We did the entirety of Argus in a content update and that’s a whole planet that had tremendous depth to it. The Black Empire… We are not going there as much as we are focusing just on N’Zoth and Ny’alotha itself. So we’re definitely leaving that door open for the future. But I think we’re all pretty happy and proud of the offering we have, of what you get to explore in Ny’alotha, the ability to take down the final Old God of Azeroth. It’s going to be exciting. A:你永远也不知道故事的发展方向。我们仍有机会回头重新探索黑暗帝国。现在我们还没有制定关于它的计划。但是我认为,如果你回顾魔兽世界的剧情,能看到我们所做的任何内容更新都是非常繁复的。我们在内容更新中展现了阿古斯的全貌,这是一颗颇具深度的完整星球。至于黑暗帝国……我们却没有如此深入,我们只是着重表现了恩佐斯和尼奥罗萨这两块。因此这扇大门永远都不会关上。我认为制作团队对我们展现给大家的内容感到开心和骄傲。玩家可去去探索尼奥罗萨,还可以击败艾泽拉斯最后一个古神。这很令人激动。 Q:In the Big Bad Evil section… Most characters are no longer ahead of us (in our way) in the World of Warcraft universe. N’zoth is the last (one) remaining and (we are) killing a great evil character in a raid. So where are the Void Lords in this part? Q:说到魔兽宇宙里的大坏蛋们,他们绝大多数已经被我们解决了。恩佐斯是最后那个在团队副本里被车翻的超级大反派。那虚空大君呢? A:Is the question about the villains in general or the Void Lords? I’ll try to address both. A:这个问题是关于一般的反派还是关于虚空大君的?我将同时解答它们。 A:Yes, we are killing the last Old God. We do big things, we’ve done it before; it is going to be really interesting to see how Void Lords react to their last agent dying. You are not necessarily going to get the answers in Visions of N’Zoth, but this certainly sets the table for answering that question in the future. Void Lords are definitely paying attention, they know what’s happening; they are probably not happy about this. That’ll probably be answered later. A:是的,我们在讨伐最后的上古之神。我们成就大业,一如往常;你不一定会在《恩佐斯的幻象》中获得答案,但这无疑为将来回答这个问题铺设了基础。虚空大君当然关注这边,他们知道发生了什么;他们大概对发生的事情不是很开心。这些问题或许会在将来得到解答。 A:For villains in the future, I think World of Warcraft has such a tremendous immense lore. We have not only a giant list of people in the universe that we can go visit, explore, and really dive into depths with here, but… I only spoke on the Visions (of N’Zoth) but thinking about the next expansion too, that’s a completely new place that we’ve never been to, which allows us to be really creative with some of those people and the stories behind it. It doesn’t necessarily have the same history that our cosmos does with the Void Lords. There is a rich story ahead of us here, both in Shadowlands and beyond that I’m super excited about. And I think the actions of what’s happening right now on Azeroth, with Visions of N’Zoth will help influence with that future. A:就未来的反派而言,我认为魔兽世界有着非常庞大的故事供他们参与。我们不光有魔兽世界这个具有大量角色可供我们去认识、探索、以及深入挖掘的宇宙,虽然我只是针对《恩佐斯的幻象》资料片说的,但除此之外,还有我们对下一个资料片的思考,这是一个我们未曾了解过的新世界,因此我们在人物和故事设计上可以更加具有创造性。它不一定与我们现在这个存在虚空大君的宇宙有相同的历史。将来你们会看到丰富的故事,而且不仅限于暗影国度,还有更未来的资料片,我对此非常兴奋。我认为艾泽拉斯上正在发生的事情,还有《恩佐斯的幻象》有助于促成那个未来。 Q:Besides Uldum and Vale of Eternal Blossoms, are we going to see new zones invaded by N’Zoth over time? Q:除了奥丹姆和锦绣谷,之后恩佐斯还会入侵新的地区吗? A:For Visions of N’Zoth, we are really looking at Uldum and Vale of Eternal Blossoms. Those are the two zones that are going to be under attack. There are reasons for that. There are ancient titan constructs that exist in those zones so he is really focused on those areas in particular to try to gain a foothold there. So the assaults will be pretty persistent in those two zones for you to go out and try to defend against. A“在《恩佐斯的幻象》里,我们的重点关注对象是奥丹姆和锦绣谷。这些是将要遭受进攻的两个地区。也是有一些理由的。这些地区里存在着古老的泰坦建筑,所以恩佐斯的重点目标是拿下那里并且站稳脚跟。对这两个区域发起的进攻将是持久的,你可以挺身而出抵抗他们。 Q:[Ezgi] I still have this ominous looking, ugly eye on my head… Will N’Zoth senpai notice me? And without getting too much into spoiler territory, will those who kept the Gift (of N’Zoth) be awarded or treated differently somehow? Q:我仍把那个又不祥又邪恶的眼睛顶在头上……我会引起恩佐斯仙贝的注意吗?还有,在不涉及太多剧透的情况下,我想知道那些保留了恩佐斯之赐的人会通过某种途径得到特殊奖励或特殊待遇吗? A:I have the eye on my head as well. Player choice is something that we’ve really been experimenting with in Battle for Azeroth, whether you were a Sylvanas loyalist or a defector, or for Alliance and everyone, you get the option to do the eye thing or not. I don’t know if there is anything in 8.3 that we have where you’re going to have a drastic effect on that. The PvP mode that I was talking about before is a little bit tied and themed into that. If you want to give yourself to your tentacle-y overlord, you can choose to do so and become aggressive to your entire faction. That’s a pretty cool thing we’re playing with and that’s a player choice you can make if you want to succumb to his power in that way. A:我也拿到眼睛了。玩家做出的选择是我们在《争霸艾泽拉斯》资料片里一直在尝试的内容。不论你是希尔瓦娜斯忠诚派还是叛逃者,还是为了联盟和所有人,你都可以选择去完成或跳过眼睛任务。我不知道8.3里是不是有什么内容会因为你是否得到眼睛而产生重大影响。之前我提到的PVP模式跟玩家选择的关联比较紧密,主题也接近。如果你想把自己献给长满触须的君主,你会变得与你的阵营敌对。这真是一件很酷的事情,如果你想臣服于他的力量,那就这么做吧。 (Editor’s note: Please keep in mind that Wowhead recently had an interview with Mike Bybee and Steve Danuser, in which they stated that those who kept the Gift of N’Zoth will see some small adjustments to the story and gameplay tailored for those players. (编者注:要知道,wowhead最近有一篇对Mike Bybee and Steve Danuser的采访,他们当时表示保留了恩佐斯之赐的玩家会得到量身定做的故事,游戏玩法也会有一些小调整。 Quoting Mike Bybee: “…there are aspects of story and gameplay that will be adjusted based on if you kept the Gift of N’Zoth.” Quoting Steve Danuser: “…we wanted to recognize that and give you some special and appropriate little extra layers of story and content.”) 引用Mike Bybee: “……如果你保留了恩佐斯之赐,一些故事和游戏性将根据你的选择出现调整。“ 引用Steve Danuser “……(前文:Similarly to how we handled the situation if you were loyal to Sylvanas 就像我们对忠于希尔瓦娜斯的玩家做的一样),我们认可你保留了“恩佐斯之赐”的行动,而且会提供一些合适、而且特殊的额外剧情与游戏内容。”) Q:Since we are fighting an Old God in the next patch, I have a lore question. When can we see the interaction between the Old Gods and the Void Lords in the game or in the lore? Also one more question… After playing 8.3, what is the true intention of Wrathion? Q:因为我们要在下一个补丁里与上古之神作战,我有一个剧情上的问题。我们什么时候可以在游戏及相关剧情作品里见证上古之神与虚空大君的互动? 还有个问题……玩了8.3之后,我想知道拉希奥的真实目的是什么? A:That’s a great question. So to answer your question about the Void Lords first… I’m not sure if there is anywhere in the game today you can see that interaction. I think we have alluded to it in other media like we have comics, stories, general things we do outside of the game itself to tell that story. I think at some point you absolutely will see us tell that story more in the game. For the purposes of Visions of N’Zoth, it’s really focused on N’Zoth himself and not the Void Lords because you have an immediate threat that you need to take care of right now. But obviously that will garner the attention of the Void Lords in some way, shape, or form. And there is a lot of story there to tell in the future. A:很棒的问题。我先回答你关于虚空大君的问题……我不确定现在你能不能在游戏里见证到他们的互动。我想我们可能把它用其他的方式展现出来,就像是漫画、小说这类我们在游戏以外创作的内容。我认为在某一时刻,你们在游戏里绝对可以看到我们在游戏里表现的更多的内容。《恩佐斯的幻象》资料片的着重点放在了恩佐斯而不是虚空大君身上,因为这是一个迫在眉睫的威胁需要解决。不论如何,消灭恩佐斯一定会引起虚空大君的注意。未来还有很多东西可讲。 A:As for Wrathion… Well, he is an interesting character. He is your ally, he is helping you out, giving you a Legendary Cloak but he is very mysterious and you never really know what he is up to. You never really know his plan. Clearly he sees the need for us to take care of N’Zoth right now and this threat to our world. He has got a lot righting on this too, so he’s definitely your buddy. For the future, who knows? He tends to vanish and disappear for a while, and you really never know what he is up to. So I think there is a lot more story to tell. He is a deep, rich character that has come about since Cataclysm days, and he’s really evolved over time. A:然后说到拉希奥……他是一个有趣的角色。他是你的盟友,帮了你很多,给你橙披,但他是一个非常神秘的人,你永远不能彻底了解他在做什么。你永远也不能全盘获悉他的计划。显然,他预见到了我们需要即刻应对恩佐斯对世界带来的威胁。他也为此付出了颇多努力,所以他绝对是你的好伙伴。再说未来,谁又知道呢?他往往有一段时间是无影无踪的,让你始终不能摸清他的踪迹。所以我认为将来还有更多故事可讲呢。他是一个有深度、有内容的角色,自大灾变登场与日俱进。 Q:[Miraç] My question is related to the Death Knights of the allied races. We are going to have a storyline with Bolvar but this is going to be open to players who have pre-purchased the next expansion. In a chronological way, are we going to play that storyline as if it is some time in the future, or does it actually take place when we play it? Q:我的问题是关于同盟种族死亡骑士的。接下来有一个关于伯瓦尔的故事线,但这是给预购了下个资料片的人开放的。从时间顺序方面来说,这条任务线是被设定在了在未来的某个时间点吗?还是在我们体验它的时候就实际发生了? Q:Also, is it possible to play an allied race Death Knight and get the Heritage Armor? Q:另外,可以用同盟种族死亡骑士拿同盟种族传承护甲吗? A:Yes to your second question. You can play any allied race Death Knight, you’ll get Heritage armor for leveling naturally to 110. A:对于你第二个问题的回答是:Yes。你可以玩同盟DK,手动升到110级就能拿传承护甲了。 A:For the first one about the story… For Visions of N’Zoth, we wanted to allow people that are going to be joining us in Shadowlands to get a head start on playing these allied races. That’s going to be a really cool experience that we’re super excited about. At some point, I do imagine that when we get to that expansion, when everyone is playing it, everyone will be able to play those characters. It’s going to be an interesting moment for people to see what it is like to be raised as a Lightforged Draenei Death Knight. It is kind of antithetical. For me, even before that, going Lightforged Draenei Shadow Priest was kind of that completely opposite fantasy which is something I really like to play with. Dark Iron Dwarf Holy Priest was another I tried too. They are just fun to do, and I’m really glad that we do have the opportunity to open this up to more people so that you can play with the race that speaks to you with the class that you want to play. A:The allied race Death Knight experience is not (taking place) in the future, it is in the present. A:然后是第一个剧情方面的问题……我们想要将在9.0加入游戏的玩家可以抢先体验这些同盟种族DK。这会是很棒的体验,我们对此感到兴奋。我有时会想象,当我们能玩到这个资料片后,当玩家都在体验内容时,他们能玩到这些角色。对于人们来说,体验用光德被作为DK复活是一个有趣的时刻。这是两种截然不同的元素组合而成的。以前我用光铸德莱尼玩暗影牧师,我喜欢这种完全相反的幻想。我也尝试过黑铁矮人神牧,我非常高兴我们有机会把这些扮演起来很有趣的角色带给更多人,这样你就可以把你想玩的种族和你想玩的职业组合起来。同盟种族DK体验不是将来时,而是现在时。 Q:Will we see in-game sources or storylines that will teach us more about the Old Gods, their motivations and nature? We can think of the lore but it’s lore about the knowledge of Old Gods and Void Lords, and the rest is externals from the game currently. Q:我们能否在游戏内找到信息或故事线让我们进一步了解古神的动机和本质呢?但这些背景故事是关于古神和虚空大君的知识,其余的是来自于现阶段游戏的外部讯息。 A:Even though the Old Gods have been villains and enemies that we’ve killed, we certainly haven’t explained a lot in game around that, and that’s intentional. You don’t necessarily see or know their motivations, of their origins, where they came from, or why they are on Azeroth. You don’t know exactly what is going on with the Void Lords and what their ultimate goals and plans are. We do explain a little bit more out of the game, but that’s a large vector for us to explore in game, should we choose to do so in the future. Obviously there is a lot there, this book is not done, the door is not closed. We may be killing the last one but it provides just as many questions as it does answers. A:我们没对我们在游戏里战胜的“恶棍”“反派”上古之神做出太多的解释说明,这是有意为之。你不一定能搞清楚他们的动机、起源、从哪来、为什么出现在艾泽拉斯。你无法看透虚空大君的行动、终极目标和相应的计划。我们的确在游戏外对此做了一些解释。但就未来而言,我们会着重在游戏内做解释。显然要探索的内容还有很多。我们能够杀死最后一个古神,但它解开了谜题,也留下了谜题。 Q:Are the new allied races (mechagnomes and vulpera) that are coming with Visions of N’Zoth going to be somewhat related to the lore of N’Zoth, or are they just like the races recruited during the expansion? Q:《恩佐斯的幻象》加入的新同盟种族(机械侏儒和狐人)跟恩佐斯的背景故事有一定的关联性吗?还是说他们与在BfA里招募的同盟种族一样? A:As you’ve gone through Battle for Azeroth, you’ve met the vulpera and especially in Rise of Azshara, you’ve really got to meet the mechagnomes. You’ve got to learn a little bit more about their story. This story isn’t tied to Visions of N’Zoth for either of those two races, it is tied more to Battle for Azeroth as a whole. So you’ll get to experience what it’s like to recruit them into your allegiance with the Horde or the Alliance. A:你在BfA里与狐人相遇,然后在《艾萨拉的崛起》里与机械侏儒相遇。你必须更多了解他们的故事。这两个同盟种族都跟《恩佐斯的幻象》无关,总的来说他们更多地跟BfA有关。你将体验招募他们作为同盟种族加入部落或联盟的过程。 Q:Are we going to see Arthas back in Shadowlands? And is there a chance that we might see some characters that died during Legion like Varian or Gul’dan? Q:我们会在暗影国度看到阿尔萨斯回归吗?我们有机会看到那些在7.0中逝去的角色(比如瓦里安和古尔丹)吗? A:Shadowlands absolutely provides us an opportunity to explore some of those stories in more depth. I think we talked about some of the more major characters at BlizzCon like Draka, and there are others as well. A:暗影国度确实给了我们深入探索某些故事的机会。我记得我们在玻璃渣控上探讨了一些重要角色,比如德拉卡和其他一些角色。 A:Arthas himself, I don’t think, is going to be a major focus. You may run into him in Shadowlands, but the story of Shadowlands isn’t about Arthas. It is more about Sylvanas, the Jailer, what is going on, how the machine of death is broken and how we need to fix that. And Arthas isn’t really a huge player in that game. You may find him, you may see him, you may interact with him but I think there are some other players that are going to help you out a little bit more. A:我不认为阿尔萨斯本人会站在聚光灯下。你可能会在暗影界遇见他,但暗影国度的故事跟阿尔萨斯无关。它更多地聚焦在希尔瓦娜斯、典狱长身上发生了什么、死亡机器怎样坏的、我们怎么去修复它。阿尔萨斯在其中戏份不多。你也许会找到他,和他见面,和他互动。但我觉得其他参与事件的角色会帮你更多。 接下来的内容与剧情可能有一定的关联度: Q:[Ezgi] My question is not strictly 8.3 related but it has some kind of relation to it. As we know, from a lore point of view, that Horde and Alliance decided to “break the cycle.” But as we know from BlizzCon, there will be no faction merge or “Let’s be friends and play together!” situation. Do you have any plans to address this or maybe even ease the faction restrictions? Will we see any progress towards “breaking the cycle” in 8.3? Q:严格来说我的问题不是跟8.3有关的,但还是有一定的关联性。就我们知道的、以剧情的视点来看,部落和联盟决定“打破轮回”。但就我们从暴雪嘉年华了解到的,将来不会有阵营合并或者“让我们做朋友、来一起玩吧!”这样的情况。你们有什么计划来处理这个问题甚至放宽阵营限制吗?我们会在8.3看到“打破轮回”这方面的进展吗? A:In terms of breaking the cycle, that was definitely a really powerful story moment for us. It doesn’t come with any gameplay changes as of now. In the future, you never know what is going to happen, where the story is going to take us, and what makes sense for the game. A:打破轮回绝对是一个非常震撼的剧情时刻。到目前为止它还不会产生任何游戏玩法上的变化。你永远不知道未来的走向,也不知道故事会把我们带到哪里,以及什么对游戏本身产生意义。 A:To me as a Horde player, I actually still enjoy going out in the world PvP and smashing Alliance. That feels good! And I think there is a large part of our player base that still needs that, and we want to serve that too. A:我是个部落玩家,对我来说,我仍然喜欢开世界PVP出门把联盟碾碎。那感觉真棒!我认为大部分玩家仍然需要世界PVP,我们也想提供这些。 A:In terms of cross-faction though, we’ve experimented with that a little bit internally to see what it’d feel like. We don’t have anything to announce today but it’s a cool idea. A:我们内部在跨阵营方面做了一些实验,以观察它的具体情况。现在我们没什么要公布的,但这确实是个很cool的点子。 Q:As a Horde main player, I’d like to play with some allied races of the Alliance but it is quite challenging to unlock some of them. Are you going to add some catch-up mechanics? Q:作为一个主部落玩家,我想玩些联盟的同盟种族。但解锁起来真的很有挑战性。你们会增加一些追赶机制吗? A:As a Horde player myself, I have the same experience. I actually just got my Kul Tiran allied race about two weeks ago. It is quite challenging than getting the ones like Zandalari trolls; that one I almost just got by logging in because I was as progressed as I could be with my Horde characters. A:我自己作为部落玩家有同样的体验。我两周前刚解锁库尔提拉斯人。因为我的部落角色有积累,所以我每天上线打一打就解锁了赞达拉巨魔,但解锁库人比解锁赞达拉那样的种族更具挑战性。 A:We’ve gone back and loosened restrictions on previous allied races in the past. I think that’s something that we feel good about and we’ll probably continue to do as time goes on. I think what the core concepts of allied races that have really resonated with the fans is that it is a story, it is how you recruit these people as allies. Learning that story, going through that process… There is a meaning behind it. So as a Horde player, not knowing much about the Kul Tiran culture or race at all, it seems like you’ll probably want to know a little bit about that before you get the ability to recruit them into your Alliance. So going back and doing that is important. A:此前我们已经放宽了对同盟种族的解锁条件。我想这是件让我们感觉到很棒的事情,大概我们接下来还会这么做。我认为同盟种族的核心概念是用招募他们加入的过程来引起粉丝的共鸣。体验故事发生的过程是颇具意义的。作为一名部落玩家,你对库人的种族文化知之甚少,在你能解锁他们加入联盟同盟种族之前,你也许会想要了解他们。所以回到游戏中重新设计是一件重要的事情。 A:In terms of the restrictions we have on it today, I don’t think we have any plans to lower it right now but we’ve done that in the past, and I think it’s something we can consider doing in the future. A:就我们现在的解锁条件而言,我不认为我们会有再降低难度的计划,但我们以前已经降低过了,我想我们可以考虑以后这么做。 Q:[Can] There was an announcement that you were planning to find a way to give players patch music, starting with 8.3. Are you going to treat us with older expansions’ patch music as well? Q:以前有公告说你们要从8.3开始发行各个小版本的音乐原声。你们还会一并提供旧资料片版本的音乐吗? A:I actually don’t know what our plans are for the patch music portion of it or the music of World of Warcraft. I can follow up with one of my producers who would know a little bit more about that. I do know the music that we can pump out has been absolutely phenomenal, and we’ve done some of the best work in Battle for Azeroth that we’ve ever done. A:我确实不知道我们的计划是放出部分小版本音乐原声还是整个游戏的音乐。我可以问问我的产品们,他们在这方面了解的更多。我们演奏出的绝对是非凡的音乐,我们对BfA付出了最大的努力。 A:I know this is more sound effects related than music but we had a cool team demonstration of how they made some sound effects for the Visions, and the Horrific Visions specifically to make it sound more Old God-like, where one of our sound designers actually built an instrument out of a metal trash can, some hangers and a cello bow, and actually tried to play the vocal cords of what an Old God might sound like. The creativity down there is second to none, and of course we’d want to share that with the community. I’ll try to get you the details on that after the interview. A:我知道对于配乐来说,声音效果比音乐更重要,我们有一个很cool的幕后介绍展示了团队是怎么给《恩佐斯的幻象》制作声音效果的,为了让惊惧幻象听起来更有上古之神味儿,其中一个音响设计师用一个金属垃圾桶、一些衣架和一个大提琴琴弓做了个乐器,试图让它发出的声音听起来更像一个上古之神。他们的创造力无人能及,当然我们也愿意在社区分享它。这次采访后我会试着告诉你细节。 Additional info received after the interview: We will start with our current Visions of N’Zoth patch and continue to release updates going forward. As time permits, we will go back and release prior patch music as well. 采访后收到的信息补充: 我们要开始当前的《恩佐斯的幻象》版本并且持续发布更新。如果时间允许,我们也会去发布之前的小版本音乐。 其余的是玩家询问“在接下来的版本可能会在游戏中加入……吗?”。当然,制作总监的回答风格与前面的“说了很多又仿佛什么都没说”保持了高度一致。 - 跨阵营声望合并 - 小号披风追赶机制 - 分阶段开放内容(类似神器知识等级上限) - 从PVP中获得升级装备的道具 - PVP弱势职业(比如增强萨)加强 - 用考古把以前版本被淘汰的物品复活 - 增加惊惧幻象的每周次数上限(每周钥匙获取) - 9.0的肝肝肝装备(如特质装精华披风) - 赛季钥匙大师成就奖励 - 完成突袭入侵任务对游戏世界本身的影响 - 下个版本的PVP日常世界任务 - 精华技能与职业技能融合 - 同战网跨角色橙武幻化 - 新拍卖行的持续优化 - 10人团本 - 中东服务器
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