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178首页  > 魔兽世界  > E3电子娱乐展会 暴雪魔兽世界游戏部分相关信息总结

E3电子娱乐展会 暴雪魔兽世界游戏部分相关信息总结

魔兽世界 NGA : 炸弹小p 2018-06-14 15:30:42
本文来源于NGACN,作者:炸弹小p;原文地址:【点我查看】转载请注明出处! In recent years, Blizzard has been making a conscious effort to tie the storylines between expansions together and provide more cinematics and cutscenes for crucial moments in the story. Legion saw the rise of an ambitious storytelling project tracking 12 different stories across Class Order Halls, capped off by storylines introducing each new Allied Race. Now in Battle for Azeroth, we're unravelling the unity forged by battling against the Legion, getting two high-stakes storylines for the Alliance and Horde, which are both intended to make the player sympathize with their faction, as well as many factions and plot points from old expansions interwoven into the current conflict. 近年来,暴雪一直致力于将资料片间的剧情联结,为故事的关键节点提供更多的CG与过场动画。军团再临见证了新兴的叙事方式:追踪12个职业大厅中的故事以及以任务线的形式介绍新的同盟种族。现在,在争霸艾泽拉斯中,一度为对抗燃烧军团铸就的同盟被我们拆散,我们得到了几乎泾渭分明的两条故事线,分联盟与部落展开。这意图使玩家增强对所属阵营的同理心,也将旧资料片的诸多阵营与情节重新投入到当下的冲突中去。 Recently Blizzard published "Three Sisters", an emotional look into the reunion of the three Windrunner sisters after decades apart. In addition to examining the family dynamics, this comic also propels other plotlines forward. Notably, Alleria's training with the Void in Patch 7.3 is not a neat detail regulated to Legion, as may have occurred had this taken place in earlier WoW expansions. Instead, the comic shows how Alleria struggles to keep the Void contained as she constantly hears dark whispers in her head, with hints pointing towards a conflict between the Void and Undeath, or Alleria losing control of the Void, in a future patch. 最近暴雪发布了《三姐妹》,这是一部讲述几十年后三姐妹相聚的情感剧。除了探讨姐妹情,这部漫画同时推动了其他情节的进展。值得注意的是,7.3中奥蕾莉亚对虚空能量的训练,并非局限在军团再临版本的一个小情节。早年的版本中,许多剧情便是这样囿于小版本中。相反,漫画展示了奥蕾莉亚对控制虚空的努力——她一直听到脑海中虚空的黑暗低语,这同时也暗示着虚空与亡灵的冲突,又或是暗示奥蕾莉亚未来或将失去对虚空的控制。(注意:这是窝头的话) Earlier this week, the novel Before the Storm released, covering the escalating conflict between the Alliance and the Horde. The novel is filled with in-game details, such as the 7.3.5 Epilogue cinematics described in great detail, providing additional insights into the reactions of Anduin and Sylvanas to Azerite. Earlier today, the graves referenced in the Epilogue of the novel were added to the Battle for Azeroth beta, strengthening the continuity between the in-game universe and the books. 本周早些时候,《风暴前夕》发售,其中有联盟于部落间日渐激烈的冲突的内容。小说包含了许多游戏细节,例如详写7.3.5末尾的过场动画,更加细致地描写安度因与希尔瓦娜斯听说艾泽里特后的反应。加入争霸艾泽拉斯的阿拉希中的坟墓,也是小说尾声中所提到的。这加强了游戏中世界与小说中描写的联系。
What is it like to take all these disparate elements and make one uniform story? 将这些迥异的元素组合为完整的一个故事,是种怎样的感觉? It's a huge team effort and takes huge passion and commitment. There's a phenomenal team across the company and in recent expansions they've decided to weave the story through multiple expansions with the consequences from one affecting another, rather than keep it contained in a single expansion such as Burning Crusade. 这是一次团队工作的努力成果,耗费大量热情,需要承担重大的责任。公司里有一支很棒的团队;在最近的几个资料片中,他们决定,通过多个资料片来共同编织故事。一个资料片会影响另一个资料片,而不是像TBC一样仅仅将内容包涵在一个资料片中。 Terran says that the cinematic for Stabbing the Planet with a giant sword wasn't as difficult as killing the Alliance King. Terran称,制作巨剑刺进艾泽拉斯的动画,并不像制作至高王殒命的动画那样困难。 Blizzard loves story and one of the recent additions is allowing your player to be used in cinematics. This can be seen in the Aggramar cinematic from Argus questing. 暴雪钟爱故事,最近的新增功能便使你的角色可以出现在过场动画中。(感谢指正)阿古斯任务线中的阿格拉玛过场就可以看出这一点。 In Chronicles Volume 3, Blizzard made a deliberate effort to include boss kills in the history, as well as note whether the Alliance and/or Horde was responsible. Details like this help players feel part of the larger narrative. 编年史第三卷中,暴雪有意将boss击杀写入历史,同时记载联盟与部落是哪一方——抑或是双方——赢得了殊荣。这样的细节能帮助玩家感觉到,自己是这恢宏史诗的一部分。 The faction conflict has always been a part of World of Warcraft and there's normally been a greater evil that needs to be defeated. Now, for the first time there's two different narratives and stories. 阵营冲突历来是魔兽世界的一部分,而人们又往往需要去击败强大的邪恶势力。现在,首次有两种不同的叙事与故事进行。 Sometimes a character death has to happen for the story to evolve. In a war, not everyone has a heroic death.有时随着故事进展,某个角色不得不走向死亡。战时,不是每个人都能英勇地死去。 There are 20 some quest designers and hundreds of people on the World of Warcraft team that all have to work together to create that continuity of the world. 魔兽世界团队中有约20位任务设计师,共有几百人协作,以保证世界观的连续性。 Blizzard has "some stuff we've never tried before" and surprises leading up to BFA's launch. 暴雪手中有“从未尝试过的东西”和一些惊喜来引导争霸艾泽拉斯的故事开始。
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