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178首页  > 魔兽世界  > 8.0资料片测试服 洛丹伦之战部落方与联盟方文本翻译

8.0资料片测试服 洛丹伦之战部落方与联盟方文本翻译

魔兽世界 NGA : a334834275 2018-02-14 18:22:49
Make haste! The Warchief awaits!   快点!酋长等着呢! Yes, Warchief. 遵命酋长 Then it's time to finish this once and for all. Saurfang, rally your troops. I will prepare the Azerite Machine. Champions! Your Warchief commands you! It is time to take arms against the Alliance! 是时候一次性把这件事彻底解决了。萨鲁法尔,整备军队。我来准备艾泽里特装置。英雄们,你们的酋长在此命令你们,是时候拿起武器对抗联盟了! Their numbers are strong, but we are stronger. We are the horde! We conquer those who would bring us harm!   Lok'tar ogar!   他们很强大,但是我们更强大,我们是部落!我们消灭所有对我们有威胁的人!Loktar ogar! Soldiers of the Horde! Your brothers and sisters lie wounded on the battlefield! There is no honor in this victory if we abandon our own! 部落的将士们,你们的兄弟姐妹在战场上受了伤!如果抛弃我们的人,这场胜利毫无荣耀可言! Slay them all, champions! Mark my words, King Anduin and his army did not come here for our amusement - they mean to destroy us! Show them no mercy, for they would show you none in return! Maintain your honor, heroes. Lok-narash 把他们全干掉,英雄们!记住我的话,安度因国王与他的军队不是来这玩的,他们是来消灭我们!不要手下留情,因为他们也不会可怜我们!为了荣誉,英雄们! Gas masks! Get ya' gas masks here! And uh, if you're feelin' sassy - you can pick up one of these backpacks and get to werk! Heh he hehhhh. 防毒面具! 这儿有防毒面具!!! 如果你感觉怕了,就拿个背包滚去干活(感谢指正)! Meet with Lor'themar. QUICKLY! Do not fail me, Nathanos! 去见洛瑟玛,快点!别让我失望,纳萨洛斯! I obey, my queen. 遵命我的女王 Forget the army, we can deal with them later. Blast the siege towers! 别管那些军队了,一会再管他们,快消灭那些攻城塔! DO NOT QUESTION ME, SAURFANG. We must draw their attention from my War Machine so it can destroy the towers. Casualties are inevitable... Honor means nothing to a corpse, Saurfang. You have the luxury of underestimating death, but it is something with which I am intimately familiar. 别质疑我,萨鲁法尔!我们必须把他们的注意力从我的战争机器上引开,这样才能消灭攻城塔。伤亡不可避免… 荣耀对死人而言毫无用处,萨鲁法尔。你现在还可以奢侈地藐视死亡,但是我对死亡无比熟悉 Maybe you don't care if your people die so long as it is honorable, but to me, this Horde is worth saving. Anyone who disagrees does not deserve to stand among us. 也许你不在乎你的人民战死,只要为了荣誉,但是对我而言,部落值得拯救。与我的意见相悖就没资格与我们站在一起。 So die your warrior's death, High Overlord Saurfang. It means little to me. Perhaps I will raise your broken body to serve me once more. 那你就以你战士的方式战死吧,大督军萨鲁法尔。对我而言这无所谓。也许我还能把你残破的身体复活来继续效忠我。 Or perhaps you will have a chance to say hello to your son. 或许你也能有机会见见你的儿子 Is the Undercity evacuated? 幽暗城疏散了吗? EVERYBODY, MOBILIZE! CUT THEM OFF WITH THE RESERVES! DO NOT LET THEM PASS! Saurfang, where the hell did you go? 所有人,动起来!把他们挡住!别让他们通过!萨鲁法尔,你去哪了!? Soldiers of the Horde, the time has come! The Undercity is no longer safe for civilians. The war rages above, and dozens of spies have infested our city walls. 部落的将士们,时候到了!幽暗城不再安全了!上面在打仗,间谍们也已经潜入进来! Our the Alliance enemies are striking against the Undercity and seek to claim Lordaeron for their own. We have herded the cowards to the Mage District and have secured the rest of the Undercity. 联盟正攻入幽暗城,他们想把洛丹伦占为己有。我们把人群引入了法师区,并且已经确保幽暗城余下部分的安全。 Your mission is to flush these worms out of hiding, eliminate them, and ensure that our citizens are evacuated safely to Orgrimmar. 你的任务是把这些蛆虫从他们的藏身之处揪出来并干掉他们,同时确保我们的人民安全撤离到奥格瑞玛 Blight throwers, you're our front line! You will create a line of blight between us and the army! 瘟疫投掷者(生化兵),你们是我们的前排!你们要用瘟疫把我们和他们隔开 Lor'themar, I want you to command our rangers from the flank! Position them on the rooftops! 洛瑟玛,我需要你在侧翼指挥你的游侠!让他们去屋顶! The pleasure is mine, Dark Lord. 我的荣幸,黑暗之(女?)王 Baine! Gather the catapults and every apothecary you can find. Send them to the keep at once! 贝恩!聚集你能找到的所有弩炮和药剂(化学师?)。把他们送进堡垒! Yes, commander. Where is Saurfang? 好的。萨鲁法尔在哪? There is no time! We have but precious moments before we lose our terrain advantage! 没时间了!在丢掉地形优势前抓紧! The chokepoint we create will funnel them through the side of the keep and thin their ranks. We will outnumber them 10 to 1 if we are out in the open! 我们制造的障碍会把他们引到堡垒的侧面并分散他们的人数。到了开阔地区我们会占据10:1的人数优势! Understood. I will meet you as soon as I can. 了解!我会尽快与你会合 No. Lor'themar and I will handle the interlopers. I can't risk leaving the Warchief unguarded. You are not to leave her side. 不。洛瑟玛和我会解决掉漏网之鱼。我不能让大酋长一个人战斗。你不要离开她的身边 How long are you expecting to hold them off? What is the Warchief's strategy? 你们要阻挡他们多久?酋长的战略是什么? It is better if she tells you herself, now go! 最好让她和你说吧,快走! The Alliance is on their last legs, champions! Our tactics have wiped out more than half of their soldiers! 联盟快要筋疲力尽了,英雄!我们的战术让他们死伤过半! They cannot press their assault forever. Stay strong! Lordaeron belongs to the Forsaken! Do not back down, heroes! 他们不可能保持这样的势头一直进攻!坚持住!洛丹伦属于被遗忘者!别倒下,英雄们! Jaina, Genn - help me with Nathanos and Lor'themar. Alleria, take the rest of our troops and focus on routing the army! Start with those archers on the rooftops! 吉安娜,格雷麦恩…快来帮我对付纳萨洛斯和洛瑟玛。奥蕾莉亚,带着我们剩余的军队,重点在找到他们的军队!就从屋顶的弓箭手开始! The Void Elves... they just... their numbers are endless... 虚空精灵…他们…无穷无尽… We must have faith in the Warchief, Lorthemar. 洛瑟玛,我们要对酋长有信心。
Heroes! Focus on the reinforcements first. Then we can deal with the shaman's threat!   英雄们,先解决援兵,然后我们再来对付萨满 And do it quickly! My ice barriers won't hold forever! 动作快点!我的冰墙可挡不了那么久! Not so fast!   不会这么快就结束的! His winds are strong, but together we are stronger! Persevere, champions!   他的风好强,但是我们团结一致就更加强大!坚持住,勇士们!(这里我不确定说的是风还是指势力,可能指前文提到的萨满) To my side, quickly! We must keep pushing before the Horde has a chance to react!   来我身边,快点!我们必须在部落有所反应前不断向前推进! Today, we will claim our victory over the Eastern Kingdoms and take back that which was stolen from us so long ago. 今天,我们将迎来胜利,征服东部王国,拿回许久以前他们从我们手中偷走的东西 We stand as one to fight for those who were lost at the battle for Teldrassil - for the families who have lost their homelands. 我们团结一致,为了在泰达希尔牺牲的人而战,为了那些失去家园的人们(家庭)而战! That despicably cowardly act of war, made it clear that we must fight for the survival of our next hundred generations. 这懦弱的战争行为,让我们必须为了我们无数辈后代的生存而战的目标更加明确!
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